Can’t You Read The Signs?

 This morning I found out that just as we have weather forecasters, we now have professionals that report a daily “Covid Positivity Rate” percentage.  A group of men I meet with were trying to determine if we were going to meet tomorrow and one of our leads wrote in a text message, “Predicted snow startingContinue reading “Can’t You Read The Signs?”

The Return of Christ, Coming Judgment and the Lake of Fire

Each Sunday at Baltimore Bible Church (BBC), the church where I worship and serve, someone from one of the small groups of our church, recites a Bible verse in front of the church. Recently it was our small group’s turn when I learned that the person scheduled to do it was sick, and I wasContinue reading “The Return of Christ, Coming Judgment and the Lake of Fire”

Admonitions From A Father To His Son – Part I

In the Bible we find God warning His people that it might take three to four generations to root out sin that was practiced by an earlier generation.  In the giving of the Ten Commandments to the children of Israel, God says in Exodus 20:4-6, “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or anyContinue reading “Admonitions From A Father To His Son – Part I”